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Yunsung provides Total Engineering Service for
not only simple product production but also
solutions for overall related services.

For various business areas from the bio pharmaceutical industry to the secondary battery and food industries,
Yunsung provides services as follows:

1. Planning
Keeping close relationship with customers, Yunsung supports customized planning for successful production of customers.
Based on various and extensive experiences, Yunsung realizes the best design according to customer requirements.
3. Procurement
Yunsung finds competitive partners continuously, and systematically manage partner selection, contracting, raw materials delivery and inspection to closely manage excellent materials, their delivery and delivery due date compliance committed to customers.
4. Production
Holding the latest world class equipment such as the automatic buffing machine and the automatic welding machine, Yunsung puts its best effort on efficient production control and clean workplace implementation.
5. Automation
For customers' efficient operation and maintenance, Yunsung provides system implementation solutions with production process equipment.
6. Installation
Based on professional knowledge and experiences, our skilled resources ensure perfect installation according to the due date required by the customer.
7. Commissioning Support
Yunsung provides overall technical support for commissioning from the customer's preparation to operation.
8. Validation
For the bio pharmaceutical industry, Yunsung assures with systems and documents that quality products are provided consistently all the time by the qualification test and validation on production and supporting equipment.