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Yunsung F&C has grown together with customers
based on quality and technology.

For 3 decades since founded in 1986, Yunsung F&C has contributed in development of bio pharmaceutical, rechargeable battery and food industries.

Based on technology and know-how accumulated all the while, focusing on EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction)projects which totally perform processes from design and engineering to procurement, production and installation of equipment
and materials as well as piping and electric works and the automatic control system, the company, as a total solution partner, advances together with customers.

Yunsung F&C is committed to contribution to the plant industry in Korea and further a global company based on world class quality and technology. In addition, with promotion of sustainable quality innovation activities and customer satisfaction management and provision of better products and services, the company pursues accompanied growth with customers.

Yunsung F&C takes promises with customers on priority any time anywhere.To grow as a global company under customers' confidence, we won't be satisfied with the company as of today, but we are committed to seamless innovation and challenge.
Thank you.

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Company Information
Company Name Yunsung F&C Co., Ltd. CEO Chi Young Park
Founded on August 1986 Employees 80 (2016 Prefecture)
Head Office and Factory 225, Barangongdan-ro, Hyangnam-eup, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do (18623), Republic of Korea
Tel: +82-31-350-4500   Fax: +82-31-352-7925