Why Us?

Since founded in 1986,
the company has kept the craftsmanship
only consistently to provide excellent production
process equipment to customers.

  • Manufacturing and production management capacity in the global system with ASME and CSEL certification
  • Total engineering service implementation capacity according to customer requirements (tailor made system)
  • Perfect design verification capacity by prior 3D simulation
  • Holds the fluid analysis program to select the agitator of which ensuring the best yield is must.
  • Capacity of field oriented control system operation with own programming (plenty of internal engineers capable of automation)
  • Holds the latest world class equipment (such as the automatic welding machine, the automatic buffing machine,
    the abrasive water jet and the automatic dimple jacket machine)
  • Close schedule management capacity with perfect project management
  • Quality control based on systematic quality assurance activities as well as the in-house RT room and the instruments room
  • The customer service team stands by all the time to promptly respond customer problems.
Bio Pharmaceutical
Successfully performed a lot of production and manufacturing equipment turn key projects for world class bio pharmaceutical projects
(including tanks, CIP/SIP, piping and automation)
Holds a subsidiary specialized in validation, 'Modern GMP' for perfect validation
Rechargeable Battery
Performed customized projects with top 3 domestic battery suppliers
(LG Chem, Samsung SDI and SK Innovation)
Successful entered the China market by active business with overseas companies.
Rich know-how f rom 30 years' experience on food manufacturing equipment
High quality dimple jacket production capacity different f rom other competitors